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  • Theatre, Musical, West End
  • Ambassadors Theatre, West Street, London, WC2H 9ND
  • Booking until Sunday January 7th 2018

Celebrating its 13th sensational year in London, Stomp  is still the West End’s unstoppable smash-hit!  Rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance come together in the multi-award winning stage sensation that continues to astonish audiences across the globe.  Eight performers use everything from Zippo lighters, plastic bags, bin lids and even the kitchen sink to hammer out an explosively feel good beat. With fresh new routines and mind-blowing new moves, expect to be amazed!

Settling for a no dialogue – no story bargain, Stomp the musical is a true theatrical jewel illustrating the magnificence of performing arts. As a musical theatre of astonishing attributes, Stomp is a brilliant blend of pervasive music, charming choreography, exhilarating energies, magical movements and physical comedy. Inculcating the universal language of music, Stomp has no boundaries and is limitless. Transcending the boundaries of language, culture and set theatrical norms, Stomp is a true all singing all dancing musical where everything is said and done through the rhythms of music and music only!

Stomp is a magical mesmerizing mimic of a musical world, created by the inventive duplet of Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas. It is absolutely amazing that a simple imaginative idea of making music out of ordinary things is encapsulated and executed in such a stunning way that it reaches the apex of perfection. The rhythmic beats and melodious music on stage are produced through ordinary everyday things and are then synchronized with striking choreography and as a result, the sound & specter produced is breath-taking. So witness the musical merge of sounds of all sorts from garbage bag, lighters, chairs, newspapers to sticks, brooms, tin buckets and what not. These ticks- tacks, bangs and beats are harmonized together in such an incredibly and unbelievable fashion that all you hear is a resonating musical melody. The blend of sounds of ordinary things into rhythmic beats is amplified when the performers use their hands, feet, thighs and humming sounds to– clap, snap, and tap!

‘Pure Stage Magic’ Sunday Telegraph

‘Entrancing, Exhilarating...Terrific’ Independent

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The Cast

  • Rhona Ashwood
  • Paul Bend
  • Adam Buckley
  • Nigel Clarke
  • Simone Clarke
  • Hugo Cortes
  • Helene Jank
  • James Lane
  • Serena Morgan
  • Alua Nascimento
  • Andrew Patrick
  • Charley Ruane
  • Rob Shaw
  • Jasper Valentine
  • Simeon Weedall
  • Elliot Young

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